Thank you to all the teachers and staff for being here.  Many of you have your own kids, loved ones and other responsibilities and during this pandemic and all the stress, the fact that you are able to show up with a smile, able to have a conversation and be present mentally to connect with our kids is something that I definitely don’t take for granted.  I can barely comb my hair and dress properly while I try to get Eli to school and then back in time for Aden’s remote learning.  So, I don’t know how you all do it but I’m so very thankful.  During the time the school was closed, it was tough for me with only 2 kids.  You guys somehow were able to manage almost 20 kids per class and to do it way better with all the kids learning and thriving.  You all have the education, training, and experience and maybe some magical powers.  I’m so grateful that not only the school is open but that you ladies are the ones there. My words may not fully convey my appreciation but thank you so very much.  

To all the IMA teachers,
Thank you for all your hard work in keeping our kids safe. We appreciate it  from the bottom of our hearts! You all are amazing and truly essential!
Much love,
The Shahs (Payal, Neil, Shyar, and Sahil)

First of all, thank you for this opportunity.
From Nathaniel's own words, just yesterday after school, "I LOVE all of my teachers at my school.  I LOVE MY SCHOOL!!", which sums it up.
We are truly blessed to have you all in our lives.  Words can not describe our true feelings.  We have always known how classy, well organized and professional IMA was and is.  You surprised us positively, how you took it another level to protect all the kids and your entire team.  That simply comforted us to get back and re-join the IMA family this month.  Thank you to all the teachers and janitorial staff for not only keeping our kids safe but create an environment where they can continue to strive, simply be HAPPY and be successful.  AGAIN, WE ARE GRATEFUL and APPRECIATE YOU ALL.  GOD BLESS YOU!!!!
Nathaniel, Phoebe and Michael

Thank you to the wonderful women of International Montessori Academy. You have become such an important part of our lives. We thank you, and we appreciate you more than you know. Your dedication to our daughter and the other children at the school is inspiring. We felt that way even before the pandemic. Thank you for bravely sacrificing your time and energy to keep the school running, and to instruct and help the development of the little ones in your care, especially when you have your own health and families to take care of. 
We asked our daughter what she wanted to say to you, and she wanted to say that you are nice, because you give her nice things, like apples when she wants a snack, and a pass to go to the bathroom. She missed you when school was closed, and thought about Ms. Dania, Ms. Melissa, Ms. Mary, Ms. Susie, Ms. Monika, and her friends in Room # 5. We watched the video from Ms. Dania, and the videos of Ms. Monika reading books on YouTube, many, many times. Our daughter was excited to meet Ms. Solito, and happy to see everyone when school started. When asked what she liked most about school, she said "everything."
Lots and lots of love and encouragement from Linden and Ben Bishop

Dear IMA Teachers and Staff, 
Thank you so much for caring for our children!!!  Our children's faces lit up when they returned to school this month!  We were so excited to see you again!  Our family is so grateful for the care and thoughtfulness that has gone into making the school such a welcoming and enriching place, especially in these unprecedented times.  You really are superstars!
All the best,         The Hsu Family  

Hope all the staff were acknowledged for the courageous, loving and selfless women you are! Thank you all for your commitment to our kids and to us (the families) 
The Ishihara’s are grateful of all you. 

Sent with Love, Hugs, Kisses, & autocorrected typos by my iPhone.

Teachers, our family is more grateful to you now than ever before. Thank you for providing a caring and stable place where Frankie can learn and feel part of a community outside our home. You and your wonderful work add so much to our lives. Thank you!

CONTACT US 626-792-4505

Thank you so much for everything you do to keep our school a wonderful place for all the children, really appreciate it!  With lots of love,

 Jongsuk Yu

Hello IMA Staff. We are so happy to be back at our wonderful school and missed everyone at IMA so much while school was closed. Thank you all for working so hard to help educate the students in academics and teaching them the importance of being good, kind people. It is so obvious from the amazing work you do that you really care about your students and are top notch professionals.  Everyone at IMA always goes above and beyond and it is appreciated so much by all the families who are lucky enough to have kids that attend IMA. Extra special thanks to Ms. Martinez, Ms. Krystal, Ms. Ivy, Ms. Kenya and Ms. Melissa who all taught our two boys and also to Ms. Sollitto and Ms. Monika who always answer questions, keep things running smoothly and who are doing so
much extra work to keep us all safe during this pandemic! It is such a relief to have a safe and loving school environment to send our son every day. You guys are seriously THE BEST!
Tara & Abdul Rahman
(Vann & Koah)

During the first year of the pandemic, we invited parents to craft notes to our teachers for a "Staff Appreciation Day."  In light of all the many modifications and extra measures put in place during the pandemic, we wanted to let our talented team to know how much their extra efforts during these difficult times are valued.  We were deeply gratified by their kind words and are proud to share a few of them here.

Thank you all so much for taking such wonderful care of our kids and making learning fun in spite of these crazy times! Your hard work is seen and appreciated!
-Ariyah’s Parents 
Best,  Joanna Hill